Branding & Identity

A brand is not just a single campaign, or its tweets, posts, likes, yelps, follows, and pins – a brand is a shaped perception.

From your website to sales materials to advertising to P.R., every point of communication is an opportunity to shape the perception of your company. When you define in advance what this perception should be, the result is unified messaging and maximum consumer impact.

Unfortunately, many companies rush to develop creative without a clear vision of what they stand for, how they are positioned, and the overall perception they need to create. Inconsistent, scatter-shot messaging and wasted dollars is the result.

Branding Materials

Product labels, packaging seals, price tags — you name it. Add your brand’s touch to anything.

Thinking about creating a brand identity for your business?

Cut through the networking clutter and say hello with Billion Dollar Bots Business Cards – skillfully printed using premium paper stock as standard and with the option for a unique image on every card.

Got something to promote? Do it with Billion Dollar Bots Postcards. Thick, double-sided and full color, they give your direct mail, inserts and handouts maximum impact. Now in new sizes. 

Looks and feels like liquid gold. A gilded Element you can add to any part of your design. It turns "Here's my card" into a gift giving. Add an 'Element’ of shininess to your design with Spot Gloss.

Stickers are perfect for creating memorable product packaging or labeling, branding your business, or simply to add decorative fun to a project. You can even try handing them out at your next event.

Brand It

Make the most of the post with seriously fancy Greetings in (almost!) all the colors of the rainbow.

Make the most by customizing mugs, espresso cups, candles and many other items with your logo.

With a lay-flat design, Munken Kristall paper, and a bookful of thought-organizing features. 

Looking for a great, and useful gift for clients or friends? Try a gift they will never forget by customizing a drone for them.

Branding & Identity Services

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Design
  • Product Design
  • Insights & Analysis
  • Trend Research
  • Company Voice
  • Consumer Personas