Star Wars BB8


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The specially designed technology in this unique BB unit makes it invaluable to the Resistance. This Astromech Droid was built for adventure.

    • Authentic Movement

      The tech within BB-8 allows it to roll and move its dome just like on-screen.

    • Autonomous Behavior

      Send BB-8 out to Patrol on its own, or enable Human or Bot Interactions to watch your Bot emote and engage independently from direction given in the app.

    • Ultra-Durable Shell

      This Resistance Bot can weather any battle thanks to its strong exterior.

    • Bot to Bot Experience

      Interact with other App-Enabled Bots.

    • Program Your Robot

      The app empowers anyone to program BB-8. Draw paths, use Scratch blocks, or write your own JavaScript text programs. Use actions, controls, operators, and character-specific animations to give your Droid the orders.

***Part of the proceeds go to children in need. Thank you for your generosity.


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